Sunday, March 13, 2016

Why The Crucifixion Matters | Week 2 Reflection

Reflection on the Challenge: This was very humbling as I have been struggling with a few things, my heart was becoming callus. Looking around at things I began to get disappointed and angry at why some Christians do things intentionally or for their own good. I began to look at their faults, flaws, and began to get these impressions in my head of them. But I started to realize that I need not take certain things personal it's their walk that is failing not mine and that I need to pray for them. Only God knows what they are going through and struggling with as I am. I need to have grace and mercy towards them and also forgiveness. If God forgave me how much more do I need to forgive them. Easy right? I wish it was, it's a daily dying to flesh process. Just like the bible says " We need to crucify our flesh daily". Jesus gave me a new life, a second chance and I'm not going to blow on some measly senseless things. I am going to honor him by giving this to Him and allowing Him to work in my heart and seeing others as He sees them. And then pray for those who are struggling. 

Here's my reflection video.

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