Sunday, February 28, 2016

Why The Last Supper Matters | Week 1

My thoughts on Why Easter Matters Bible study by Good Morning Girls!:

I am so excited Week 1 is here. Below I share some encouragement for the week {in a video} and some info for this week. If you want to are more than welcome. Just leave me a comment below or email at

Here is the printable for week 1.  For the SOAP part you do not have to share the verse it provides {on the right side, where is says SOAP}. You can share what the Lord has shown you this week on  whatever vs you have read on Friday. See below on how you can share, because I so would love to hear what the Lord has shown you. 

Why Easter Matters {Week 1} ~ Nothing But the Blood... - #WhyEasterMatters

Week 1 Challenge:
Challenge for the week:
{Week 1}: Make a list of things in your life that you’re tempted to rely on other than Jesus. Every day this week take time to pray over your list, asking God to help you place your full dependence and trust in Christ alone.

Week 1 Memory Vs.

So how can you share what he has shown you? Below are a few ways. 

 Ways to share what God has spoken to you:
  • Post a video on Youtube with the Title: " Why Easter Matters - Week 1 |  Collab also in your description be sure to link my channel as I will be making a playlist and linking up your videos so everyone can be encouraged by them. My channel link is below.
  • Post a blog post on your website with the title " Why Easter Matters - Week 1 | Collab with CrafTEA Mom and you can link my blog website also in your post. My link is below as well. 
  • Post an Instagram Pic with the hashtag #whyeastermatters and in the description if you would tag me in the photo and in description so we can all link up and share. 
  • Post on Facebook with the same title as the Youtube and just link back my Youtube channel and blog. 
  • Post on Google+ and link back to here. My link for that is below. 
I am super excited to see what the Lord is going to do. I cannot wait to hear what He spoke to you. Trust me you guys will all be encouraged, I am so looking forward to that. 

Here is my info, so you can link back to here. 

Youtube Channel:
Bog {website}: 
Instagram: @craftea Mom
Google+: +CrafTEA Mom 
Pinterest: Krafteamom
I don't have a Facebook, sorry have not been lead to get one. 

Looking forward to this week. Let me know in the comment section below if I can pray for you in any way or if there are any questions you may have. 

Please know that I am praying for you! Jesus loves you and so do I! 

Thanks for stopping by...
 CrafTEA Mom

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